1/2" Grating Material

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 Build Your Own Teak Cockpit Grate

Build your own customized cockpit grate.  Whitecap offers notched grating material in three thickness/ cutout sizes with corresponding flat grate strips.  A grate can be built two ways: Use notched strips in both directions, or use notched strips in one direction on the bottom layer and flat strips in the opposite direction on the top layer.  This construction style will allow water to drain underneath grates installed on flat surfaces.

When Builidng a grate use materials that are all the same thickness, 1/2", 3/4" or 1".  

1/2" Grate Material

Use for icebox grating or where the grate will not need to support a significant load.

Material Ordering Guidelines:

1/2" Grating: One strip of each type of grating for each inch of the area you are convering in both directions.

If framing is required, consider Dimension A of the framing material.

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